The Rabbit Hole School was set up in 2013 - a collaboration between Leela and her guides. Its main aim is to serve as a lighthouse, guiding individuals back into centre, to help them heal and overcome their obstacles and to help them bring forward their gifts and Soul tasks.

For this purpose, the School offers:

A tune-in session on Sundays where a portal is opened for you to receive from the team behind the Rabbit Hole School, to help pull forward your light and your Soul tasks

A life course presented as 1-1 sessions where the starting point is the challenge you are facing now

A healing 1-1 course for you to deepen in your understanding of your body and how to create shifts on a cellular level

A creative 1-1 course to help you unfold your Soul tasks

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If you wish to know more about Leela,
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And if you wish to know more about guides,
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